Providing Outsourcing Solution throughout the Virtual Marketplace. We can provide telemarketing / BPO services through immediate ramp up solutions and broader human resources strategies. Our solutions are designed to help you connect with your customers quicker and deliver positive customer experience faster.

GenX Outsourcing is moving to be a leading US based Business Process Outsourcing for Marketing Solutions in the English speaking market. Our ability to ramp up efficiently and with broader scope of agents with English and US culture experience allows us to build long lasting relationships with our clients and their customers.

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Generating Higher Demand: We have been providing lead generation services ever since the company started. Our ability to create proactive and novel approaches to generate leads is what has made us one of the leading BPO centers in handling US and Canada based accounts. Also our Management Staff is experienced in working with OBTM/Inbound campaigns, Up-Sell and Cross-selling, and a rigorous Customer Retention WinBack approach.

Quicker Ramp Up Solutions/Broader Staff Selection: Our ability to select different channels of recruitment gives us a broader selection of staff specific to our clients’ needs. No longer are we tied to fixed demographics and ethnic barriers. Our span to select dedicated staff has become global.

Extensive Data Analysis: Our Staff KNOWS that data is everything. Processing and filtering data correctly is what allows a team to convert results more efficiently. Through the use of Script Optimization, Data Provisioning and Data Analysis, real Time intelligence and data filtering. Our staff can provide quicker conversion and quicker response time in less time.