Customer Retention

4 Keys to Keeping Customers Happy Through Inbound Marketing

While it’s true that inbound is a highly effective methodology for generating leads, that’s not the only area where it shines.

Fortunately, inbound marketing is perfect for keeping customers happy.

In fact, inbound is designed to “delight” customers through their entire lifecycle with your company — from first introduction to their 100th repeat purchase (or referral) and beyond.

To close, I’ll go over the keys to keeping customers happy through inbound marketing and how you can implement these strategies in your business.

1. Create Customer-Focused Content

Customer-focused content is one of the most effective ways of keeping your existing customers happy. Customers already trust your company and have signed on the dotted line. Sending them the same old content that you would someone who has just discovered your brand doesn’t cut it.

They know you and you should know them, so create content that shows this.  

Customer-focused content creates an emotional connection. As Mary Gomandy White says explains:

“Rational factors aren’t the only ones that impact consumer’s decision-making process. According to Communico, emotional factors have an impact of greater than 50 percent on most buying decisions. An article on the company’s website states, ‘Emotions shape the attitudes that drive decisions and behavior. And, they impact behavior far more than technical or functional factors.’

Also according to Communico, keys to creating an emotional connection starts with ensuring that everything you do – from the messages you deliver to your employees to your company’s overall processes – are designed with the customer as their central focus. When you communicate with employees about their responsibilities, do so in terms of how their actions impact customers. When establishing procedures, consider how the process will seem to customers. This will better allow you to consistently show respect for customers and be responsive to their needs.

By putting your customers at the center of everything, you’ll begin the process of creating strong emotional ties with customers.”

Create content that can help them get the most out of their relationship with you and your product. For example:

  • Educate them on product updates
  • Address troubleshooting issues and FAQs
  • Show them hidden or little known features
  • Share breaking news and current events in your industry
  • Feature customer success stories
  • Create exclusive customer-only content with insider tips and tricks
  • Offer customer-only perks (i.e. early access to new features, contests, parties, webinars, etc.)

Perhaps, with time customers might outgrow your product or no longer need your services, but with the right inbound marketing strategy they’ll leave you with nothing but good things to say and positive reviews to pass on to their peers. 

Educational Content

Make sure you allot a part of your content marketing strategy to educating older customers so that they can get a better grasp of your industry and understand the value of your products and services.

You can do this in different ways such as sponsoring free webinars, giving away free eBooks, drafting product related posts, and conducting customer online training sessions.

Virtual Events

A good way for you to create engaging customer-centered content is to assimilate both offline and online events. For instance, any company can sponsor a quarterly online webinar or conference for its clients and customers.

Webinars and online hangouts can highlight speakers from your organization or perhaps your partners. It can be expensive to host an annual offline event, but a virtual meeting gives you this wonderful opportunity to help clients on Facebook Live or a webinar platform.

2. Build a Relationship Through Social Media

“Even the best of what formerly passed for a good customer service is no longer enough. You have to be no less than a customer concierge, doing everything you can to make every one of your customers feel acknowledged, appreciated, and heard. You have to make them feel special, just like when your great-grandmother walked into Butcher Bob’s shop or bought her new hat, and you need to make people who aren’t your customers wish they were. Social media gives businesses the tools to do that for the first time in a scalable way.” –  Gary Vaynerchuk, The Thank You Economy

The relationship between businesses and customers has evolved a great deal with the rise of social media.

In the early days, people didn’t want brands on social media because they viewed it as advertising spam, but those views have changed as brands have learned how to interact with people in a way that they enjoy.

If your company posts nothing but sales pitches, it’s not likely you’ll build a great relationship, but if you engage with fans and share valuable, entertaining, or informative content that is suited to the platform, people will be more than happy to have you on their timeline next to friends and family.

The brands worth following on social media are the ones that show personality and act more like a human than a corporation.

A few ways to keep customers happy on social media include:

  • Responding to posts that your brand is mentioned in, positive or negative
  • “Liking” or favoriting posts that your brand is tagged in
  • Sharing/reposting fan posts
  • Asking questions and engaging in a conversation
  • Running contests or giveaways
  • Sharing funny, educational, or entertaining content that is relevant to your brand
  • Aligning with relevant current events

Social media is also a great way to “feed your customers with good vibes,” as puts it:

“Engaging with customers shouldn’t end after giving them resolutions to their concerns and inquiries, a good online entrepreneur should also extend one’s customer service relations through smart social media interaction.

To do this, make sure you post one or two inspirational bits about anything under the sun that can help them feel good even just for a while. Your customers are always busy and likely stressed, so to keep them smiling is a good way to further advance your relationship with them.”

An active social presence will always attract more attention and awareness than one that hasn’t been updated in months and when prospects see how how engaged your company is, they’ll want in on the fun too.

Customer Care

One of the most popular ways to retain customers through inbound marketing is by addressing queries, issues, and other aspects of customer care via social media. 

This istrategy was popularized by Comcast using their ‘Comcast Cares’ Twitter account. While Comcast may be a large organization, businesses of any size can leverage the power of social media to provide fast and efficient customer support that makes clients and prospects happy.

According to Kissmetrics, “Happy customers who get their issue resolved tell 4 to 6 people about their experience. So that’s a way to significantly influence the word of mouth about your business. Don’t act as a nameless or faceless business; genuinely talk with your customers as a person representing the business. Address your customers by name, and tell them your name at the very beginning of your interaction.


Talk to your customers as you would in person, not like you would in a press release. Examples of this are noticeable when it comes to customer service on social media where the genuine shine through and the others seem forced and uptight, which is the opposite of being “social.”

American Express does this well on Twitter, ensuring all customer concerns are answered in a timely manner with a friendly and personal response, signed by the employee who’s doing the tweeting.”

3. Ask for Feedback

Gathering feedback is one of the biggest and most valuable benefits customers can offer brands. 

Instead of running expensive and time-consuming market research, simply asking questions by email, on social media, or by monitoring what people have to say can offer valuable insight into what’s working and what’s not for your brand.

You can even take this a step further and share the survey results with your customers (like Domino’s did when they revamped their menu.)

Here’s what Rocco Baldassarre said in an Entrepeneur article about using transparency to keep clients happier:

“Customer loyalty increases also based on how mistakes are being handled. Studies show that up to 70 percent of unhappy customers transform into loyal customers if the mistake has been fixed exceeding their expectations.”

People appreciate this level of transparency and when they know their voice is being heard, it gives them more incentive to share their opinion.

Not only that, but when you make changes based on their feedback it shows that you genuinely care to deliver the best product and customer experience possible.

Enhance Customer Collaboration

Customers can become better clients when they learn from situations just like their own. Empower your customers to work together by building a community between them.

Facebook groups and online forums are great ways to build communities within your customer base. 

4. Look at the Analytics & Track Data 

Customer feedback can be subjective at times, but numbers don’t lie. Whether it’s views, click-through rates, on-screen time, or conversion rates, great inbound marketing is data-driven. 

By studying the engagement of your customers have with your content, you can learn what qualified people are truly interested in and what made them convert.  This data helps you identify trends and gaps and refine your strategy accordingly to increase conversions. 

You can also generate a wide variety of reports that are relevant to different divisions of your organization, so your entire team has insight into what they can do better and where they’re already killing it. 

Key Takeaway

The goal of inbound marketing is to build a mutually beneficial relationship between brands and customers. This opens the door for special offers that extend far beyond a coupon.

Keeping your customers happy is more than continuing to receive their money, it also helps you improve your company to make them even happier — and in turn, they’re happy to spend more money.

It’s a win-win and we here at GenX Outsourcing have been doing this for generations and our proven tactics will help your business grow today! Contact us below to learn more!