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Back Office: Virtual Assistants

Wish you could off-load your tasks and spend your
time and money more wisely?
Concentrate on the big picture while we take care of the details….

Introducing our Back Office or Virtual Assistant services that can help to fill any niche and save on overhead. This innovative service offers highly trained Virtual Assistants to take care of all your project needs. Our Virtual Assistant support offers reliability, flexibility, and increased productivity by helping to streamline projects.

The best part is that each of our Virtual Assistants is backed by a team of specialized personnel all dedicated to providing reliable and quality service. Our Virtual Assistant service is a personal assistant without the cost of hiring in-house.

At a price as low as $250 for 10 hours of service a month, you can now direct your time and money towards more revenue-producing activities. With a Virtual Assistant you will have dedicated assistance without having to incur the major resources and overhead expenses that are associated with hiring a full-time employee.

We encourage you to work with us to ensure that your current and future requirements are met. Our attractive upgrade programs and services are tailored to your specific business needs.

Back Office

Back Office Services


Clients who utilize our Accounting Virtual Assistants realize access to experienced, accurate and reliable talent, very reliable and hardworking accounting specialists, much greater seasonal flexibility, and a 65% reduction in cost.

Accounting Support

Our teams provide best-in-class accounts receivable management solutions and have worked in virtually every industry. OverDrive’s services are matched with your circumstances and customer base, ensuring optimal realization of amounts due.

Accounts Receivable & Collections

Send and receive money easily and efficiently. We offer payment processing, so you don’t have to worry about losing a percentage of your payments every time money changes hands. We are here to help you maintain and build your profits.

Payment Processing

The goal of every customer service interaction is to fix the problem and leave the customer happy. Our support teams cover everything from 24/7 phone management, new customer intake, outbound account management technical support, chat, and more.

Customer Care Services

We can help design, manage, and execute your marketing strategy and objectives. We can build your targeting, ideal profiles and messaging, drive campaigns, manage social media and customer interface, all with a focus on meeting and exceeding your objectives.


OverDrive offers an affordable, reliable transaction processing service for your business. Rest assured that we process all transactions to, and from, your business quickly and efficiently, without unnecessary charges to you or your clients. Make sure your clients, in turn, receive their product with complete satisfaction.

Survey & Market Research

We manage all aspects of client accounts, making sure all information is up-to-date and tracking client activity. We also use tried-and-true client retention methods to keep your clients involved and satisfied with your business.

Account Management

Whether you need management of the company email system or the marketing email campaign, we are here to check that your communication system runs perfectly.

Email Management

Collecting, entering, and organizing data is more critical than ever. Our certified and highly-trained team will take care of data entry, giving you access to accurate, relevant, and actionable data that will help you generate value.

Data Entry

We can analyze and examine the activities of your in-house and field crews and determine how best to organize, assist, and manage them for maximum effectiveness and cost efficiency. You don’t need to stress over the logistics and details of crew planning as we can manage all support activities consistent with your strategy and objectives.

Crew Management

You’re not in the business of providing less than the best, which is why OverDrive provides quality assurance services on all facets of your business. You and your clients will come away satisfied.

Quality Assurance

We offer a fully-functional order and sales support system. We provide you with sales reports and information on how your product is performing in the market so you can stay ahead of the curve.

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